A songwriter, traveler, and teacher

Danny Calise has been writing and covering songs for 16 years:
Including 11 original full-length albums, 2 EP's, a two-act musical and
over 500,000 views on Youtube.
He has lived in three countries and has traveled to 20 countries.
He has taught high school and college in Philadelphia, Austin, China, and Los Angeles.

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Original Songs

Compositions in various genres

From his beginnings as a punk-influenced band leader, to his turn to a lo-fi homerecorder, to his development as a pop songwriter, Danny Calise has written over 100 songs.

Youtube Videos

Popular Youtube covers spanning all genres

Infusing humorous images with skillful guitar playing and singing, Danny Calise's Youtube videos have over 200,000 views.

Tricycle Taxi: the Pedicab Musical

A two-act musical following a day in the life of a pedicabber during Austin's SXSW festival

A peek into the fascinating world of pedicabbing, Danny Calise's funny and tuneful musical gives audiences a look behind the curtain into what some call a side hustle, while others call it a lifestyle.

Travel Pictures

Snapshots from my travels around the world

From the moment I stepped foot in London for a semester abroad, I caught the travel bug and never looked back. Check out my photos from places around the world such as India, China, the Netherlands, Mexico and more.